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Valley RV Service Department

Our service department is staffed with professional RV technicians. With literally decades of experience, our techs are competent to repair all makes and models of recreational vehicles. We fully warranty all of our work.

Valley RV does warranty work on all Keystone, Northwood, and Forest River models and we honor most extended service contracts.

Contact service to make an appointment! 907-745-7747 (EXT #4)

RV Maintenance

Maintenance is an important aspect of RV ownership. A properly maintained RV is a reliable RV and reliable RVs have happy owners. Protect your investment, ensure your coaches' continued good service, and enjoy peace of mind – schedule professional maintenance today!


Valley RV Offers And Recommends The Following Maintenance Services:

Seasonal Preparation:

No maintenance is more important, or more often botched, than proper winterization. Every spring we perform dozens of repairs on freeze-damaged RVs. Repairs of this nature can easily exceed $1,000.00 and are completely unnecessary!

We offer a GUARANTEED winterization/summarization package for $145.00*.
No appointment is required – simply drop by in the fall, have your coach winterized, and then return in the spring to have the process reversed. No hassle and NO WORRIES.

* Additional charge for the icemaker, dishwasher, and washing machine.*

 Wheel Bearing Repack and Brake Inspection:

Generally, wheel bearing maintenance should be performed after about 5,000 miles or every three years. DO NOT overlook this important maintenance procedure. On the road, a wheel-bearing failure is disastrous!

Remove, clean, and repack wheel bearings. Replace seals and inspect brakes.

  • ONE AXEL - $215.00
  • TWO AXELS - $430.00
  • THREE AXELS - $645.00

 Roof and Seam Maintenance:

Sunshine and rain are joined in a never ending conspiracy to destroy your RV! The sun serves to dry up, crack, and generally deteriorate your roof and seam caulking; the rain, taking advantage of the suns work, leaks into your RV; creating mold and rot problems that will eventually destroy your coach. Regular roof and seam maintenance is necessary!

New units should be inspected after about 3 years and annually thereafter. Anyone who purchases a used unit should have it inspected immediately.

Valley RV will thoroughly inspect your roof and seams for $67.50*.

*Repairs are on a case by case basis.*

 RV Battery Maintenance:

Your RV battery is susceptible to freezing during the winter. It is a good idea to remove the batteries for winter storage. Our battery service includes –

  • Removing the batteries in the fall and reinstalling them in the spring.
  • Springtime terminal cleaning and battery load testing.

$45.00 for a single battery*

additional batteries add $10.00 each*

*Additional charge may be incurred for Class A & C coaches.*

 Major Systems Check:

RV owners who have stored their RV, or maybe just recently purchased a used RV, may consider a major systems check. Be sure everything is working properly BEFORE you begin your adventure!

The checkup includes the inspection of all major appliances, all water systems, AC/DC components, and a Manometer LP leak test. $202.50

 Appliance Servicing:

Valley RV offers appliance servicing for your furnace, oven/range, refrigerator, and water heater. The individual services are $90.00 per appliance and they include:

  • Cleaning and testing of the burner assemblies
  • Necessary adjustments of burners, igniters, and thermocouples
  • Testing LP pressure and adjusting as necessary
  • Inspect and clean all electrical connections and module boards
  • Check and clean all appliance venting.

The Valley RV Service department is always ready, willing, and able to assist you in keeping your RV in top-notch working order. Give them a call! Advice and consultation are always free!